The Power of Words

It is interesting how synchronicity works. Today I have had a few interesting philosophic discussion with different people. We were developing our thoughts about life perception and, with our different backgrounds and experiences, we were agreeing on how important it is to look at things in a positive way. We all know that eventually all that we experiment is a way to teach us how to better interact with people and to learn more about ourselves. (Actually I feel I could sometimes benefit of a break from those learning experiences, don’t you? )

And I have just been remembered of the power of words as I have received the Goop update, that I encourage you to read as it expresses perfectly what I want to share with you. It is all about Dr. Emoto’s experiences of words and music over water. Yes our body is constituted of 70% of water in average, so words have a huge impact on us. So when we discuss about looking at things in a positive way, let’s start with expressing ourselves and communicating with positive words.

I let you enjoy this article!



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