Fit for summer 108 – Summer Solstice Event

Summer solstice is an important moment – the longest day of the year – and is celebrated in many cultures.

In some yoga traditions, summer solstice is so powerful and enhance our energy so the yoga practice is done through 108 Sun Salutes.

What? I can hear you asking me why 108. I know: it is a pretty big number.
Here you can find the significance of the number 108, the number of wholeness in our existence?

However, after a “filthy fifty” class at Balboa, I have realized that it is surely a great and feasible challenge for anybody. On the top of helping us toward our goal to be fit for the Summer, it also gives so much energy. ( I experimented it already with a group of keen yogi)

The benefits are incredible, namely this great level of energy, a better focus, and focusing on a positive intention.

So come and join us to celebrate the summer solstice through this practice of 108 repetitions of Sun Salutation. All levels are welcome, your presence is all that is necessary, especially because it is a donation based event, all benefits will go to Room to Read, after the Earthquake in Nepal.
We also have the chance to practice in a great space: Balboa, the starting point for body, mind and social activities, and who knows, we might meet there again.

Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday June 21st. After all, it is now the International yoga Day.


1 thought on “Fit for summer 108 – Summer Solstice Event

  1. Hello Hélène.

    S’il te plait, peux tu me donner l’adresse de ton studio, j’ai très envie de venir demain.

    Je vis à Stäfa et je n’ai pas de voiture.

    A très vite,


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