The Art to Disconnect

I am addicted, or at least I was.

Until that weekend where I decided to disconnect. Disconnect but from what? I had simply decided to shut down my computer for two single days – and actually my (smart)phone as well.

I was flabbergasted! Indeed, I have then realized that I was totally addicted: I missed checking my phone – messages, different social networks – as soon as I woke up and just before going to bed. And I have re-discovered how much more time I have on hand with none of those constant distractions. It is interesting to observe the possible negative impact of our interaction with the Internet and social medias in our life, on our well-being, and on our relationships with others.

Back at university, everyone started to get a cell phone, and as I was studying in Italy, it was said that some people even got a fake one, just to show how “in” they were. I remember that sunny day, where a group of friends and me were gathered at a beautiful terrace. We were all having an entertaining conversation (and nice drinks…) I felt happy and privileged to share this moment… until someone decided to send an SMS to a friend to join us, which seemed a good idea after all. That led all my friends around the table to do the same, one after the other. And I suddenly saw them all looking at their phones, escaping this moment. Watching that, I promised myself never to get a mobile phone. Obviously, despite my reluctance, a few years later, I had to adapt and I eventually got a smartphone! But am I becoming this this very person checking her phone despite nice social interactions? Hmmm, it seems so.

We are massively connected nowadays, yet virtually connected. I am always surprised at the number of messages, phone, email, Skype, What’s app, Facebook. Studies show that  our concentration span diminishes, and our feeling of loneliness increases.

Should we then completely disconnect and unplug all our devices? I don’t believe so, yet I believe that we can use technology in a wiser way that serve us, instead of “slaving” us. Here is an article of the benefits of technology

So this weekend, let’s get off the phone. Still looking forward to meeting you so we can watch our phones together. Kidding, simply looking forward to sharing, enjoying and living every single moment at the fullest.

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