• What I found so very comfortable in her way of practicing yoga is that she makes the students feel welcome and relaxed in her presence and she never steps over any unwritten rules of intruding the private personal realm – She always keeps a distance without stepping away and loosing presence and that is why I always felt very well in her classes. There is of course also the detail of me being a little particular when it comes to yoga and how yoga teachers normally talk about their life with yoga in a little missionary kind of style which I really personally can´t stand – this she does not do, she might be a full believer of yoga and everything involving yoga but she does not force that on the student and that is what I think also makes her very different from others – not pushing her personal beliefs and absolutes upon others and rather softly introduce people so that they themselves have a chance to become curious about yoga in their own time.
    – Maja
  • “Yoga is not just for the fantastically flexible, it is for everyone.” This is what I was told by Hélène and got convinced to participate to her yoga classes.  A decision, which I have never regretted and I am rather wondering, what I would have done without her weekly energy lift. Until now,  Hélène remains my favorite yoga teacher, since she was able to created a practice that was relevant to my busy lifestyle and allowed my physical, mental and spiritual transformation to unfold. Her classes helped me to transform my body, calm my mind and emancipate my spirit, especially after a long and stressful day at work. Her exercises gave me strength and confidence, not only on the yoga mat, but also while I was traveling around the world by my own. It is absolutely true that Yoga will help you to see your true inner light and shine brightly. Hélène mastered to awaken the power in me and even made me smile while stretching all parts of my body. Her yoga classes are committed to creating a safe, fun, non-competitive and empowering space for everybody. I absolutely encourage people of all ages, ranges and backgrounds to attend. You will feel transformed very soon and also be able to make new friends and socialize at the lovely picnic afterwards, which is meanwhile a tradition.  After all Yoga is all about spreading the love and Hélène absolutely makes sure that each student will get a feeling of it. She takes care of each individual by correcting  postures and giving massages on the forehead, while listening to revitalizing Kirtan music.  Anyway, every since I visited Helene’s classes I am a committed Yogi and transformed my own life. If I can do it, you can do it. Since Hélène even provides all relevant yoga equipment, the only ingredient required is your willingness to take that first step and give it a try! Namaste 🙂
    – Rita


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