Immune system strengthening and acupuncture

With the threat of COVID, we need more than ever to strengthen our immune system and prevent any form of colds and flus. Acupuncture can contribute to it greatly.

We know that a healhy lifestyle helps us to do that. What do I mean by healthy lifestyle?

It includes the following:
– a healthy diet obviously (if possible mainly plant-based to avoid any inflammation),
– excercice (which might be tricky given the restrictions)
– as little stress as possible,
– some herbs,
essential oils
supplements such as vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc
– and obviously for me acupuncture.

Indeed, many articles show how acupuncture may play a role in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the COVID-19 patients and relieve the symptoms caused by COVID-19. Studies are presently made and published about this role.

There are many effective acupuncture approaches to treat and alleviate the symptoms associated with cold or flu, However, if used early enough, it may potentially prevent the symptoms and condition from developing at all.

One effective approach to a successful treatment is self-stimulate the following points throughout the day:

Points for self-stimulation

There are more common points throughout the studies, however, every patient is different and needs to be carefully examined.

Should you want to know more about it, you can always contact me.

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