Hélène Becqué is a certified acupuncturist from Institut d’Energétique et Acupuncture Traditionnelles Chinoises (I.E.A.T.C.), founded in 1979.

The teaching of I.E.A.T.C. is in the traditional and ancient way of China combining culture and philosophy, theories and physiology of cosmic, terrestrial and human energies, in accordance with the Traditional Chinese Thought as well as a true learning of acupunctural therapy.

Those teachings are the result of a direct oriental filiation and training between the years 1935 – 1954, with the two most renowned Institutes in Asia:
– Institute of Chinese Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture of Hong Kong directed by Professors Shenn and Leung Kok Yuenn with Mr. Charles Laville Mery, Professor for France.
– Traditional Acupuncture Institute of Taï Peh directed by Professor Wu Wei Ping with Mr. Jacques Lavier and Charles Laville Mery, Professors for France.

The method is based on the methodical application of the traditional approach to the patient and the balance of energy, characterized by their quality and efficiency. These criteria have led true Traditional Chinese Medicine to endure through the millennia.

This teaching faithfully follows the rules of ancient medicine. However, it has been adapted to modern times, to our country, to our population and to its specific diseases, somehow different from those of Asia.

This teaching is based on the knowledge and prescriptions recorded in the ancient text of Chinese medicine, the NEI TSING (Nei Jing) 内 经, “Treatise on Needles and Fire”.
This work is composed of 2 Books:
– SOU OENN (Su Wen) 素 问 , Bible of the Acupuncturists, and
– LING CHOU (Ling Shu) 灵 枢, its complement which explains the difficulties.